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The Original Audible... DEBRIS FREE EAR FILTER

Keeps Bugs and Debris OUT of your Ears.


Scott B. -  Holland  MI

Debris Free Ear Filters are game changers.  Michigan summers mean lots of insects, and I seem to be a bug magnet…every time I hit the bike trails, it’s virtually a given that some flying nuisance is going to find one of my ears.  Bug in the helmet or shirt, that I can deal with;  bug in the ear makes me lose it. 

With these clever filters, my ear bug days are over!

Hernandez Granite Co. - Tampa, Florida

The Ear Filters are very easy to use. I tried them myself and so did one of my guys. They loved them because they could hear better than with ear plugs but still where able to keep all the dust out of there ears from the granite which is really dusty. I would definitely recommend these for anyone working in dust or landscaping or just out hiking. Thank you!

Jason C - Tampa, Florida

These earplugs are great! Easy in easy out, washable and they just do the job that it was intended for. They are perfect for the outdoors without any hearing loss. This is one of the better investments that I have made. I would recommend these to anyone who wants to keep random objects or insects out of the ear. Thanks!

Eric M. W. - St. Petersburg, Florida

Recently I was doing some work around the house. Painting and building some shelves... because I love storage. Debris Free Ear Filters really did a great job keeping dust out of my ears from sanding and while using  my circular saw. I think these Ear Filters are perfect for any household project.

Meg A. - St. Petersburg, Florida

I have been using Debris Free Ear Filters while outside working with my plants and flowers. Bugs always bother me when I am outside. Your Ear Filters keep bugs from flying into my ears and pestering me while tending to my plants and hanging out for a BBQ in the yard. Thank you so much!