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The Original Audible... DEBRIS FREE EAR FILTER

Keeps Bugs and Debris OUT of your Ears.

At Debris Free Ear Filters, we are committed to providing peace of mind for people who have experienced ear irritation due to foreign objects entering the ear canal. We know that having such an experience could lead to pain, discomfort and sometimes anxiety. Our mission is to provide the best possible ear protection without obstructing or hindering the capability to still hear. You will have the peace of mind knowing that your ears are fully protected from any foreign materials while enjoying life. This is what drives us to serve humanity... "The opportunity for betterment of life" ear at a time.

Our Story

In 2011, as a single mother, I had watched several medical shows in which people were brought into the emergency room due to insects crawling into their ear canals. It reminded me of a similar situation that occurred one summer night when my Aunt slept at night with the windows open.  A bee flew straight through the window and into her ear.  Like the people on the show she was taken to the nearest emergency room to have the bee removed, as it still crawled inside her ear. Needless to say, after that incident my Aunt kept her ears covered for many years.  Afterwards, being the bug-phobic person that I am, I did a search online to find the best product to protect me from such an event.  The only thing I could find where ear plugs.  Since I had a child... I did not want to block my hearing, If there was an emergency. Therefore, I did not want use regular ear plugs or ear covers.  That is when Debris Free Ear Filters where created.  I needed something that was light weight, comfortable, unnoticeable and most important... AUDIBLE!