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The Original Audible... DEBRIS FREE EAR FILTER

Keeps Bugs and Debris OUT of your Ears.

Unlike conventional ear plugs... Debris Free Ear Filters do not disrupt the capability of hearing. Contoured to the shape of the ear canal... Debris Free Ear Filters are Extremely Comfortable,  Washable,  Reusable  and AUDIBLE.

Use Debris Free Ear Filter while sleeping

SLEEPING - Use Debris Free Ear Filter while sleeping to help keep bugs and insects from crawling into your ears. Since these Ear Filters are made of  medical grade silicone you will sleep in comfort and they will not disrupt your capability of hearing if you are also listening for your children.

Use Debris Free Ear Filter while camping

CAMPING - A  long weekend or holiday trip out in nature with family will be more enjoyable using Debris Free Ear Filter to help keep debris, insects and bugs, especially mosquitoes, no-see-ums, and gnats, from entering your ears. You can also relax knowing that insects will not enter your ears while sleeping in your tent.

Debris Free Ear Filters while traveling

TRAVELING - Traveling can be a guessing game when it comes to comfort. Use Debris Free Ear Filters while traveling through the countryside and rest assured that you will not have any problems with bugs entering your ears while sleeping in unfamiliar beds all over the world.

Debris Free Ear Filters on construction sites

CONSTRUCTION SITES - Building sites and can be  very exciting. While working or inspecting you new project, wear Debris Free Ear Filters to help keep typical dust and debris from entering your ears. Make Debris Free Ear Filters a part of your safety procedures for staff and everyone working on your construction site.

Debris Free Ear Filter while showering

SHOWERING -  Ever get water stuck in your ears while showering? Wearing Debris Free Ear Filters while showering  will help prevent water from getting trapped in your ears and allow you to tilt your head at any angel. Don't shower without Debris Free Ear Filters.

Debris Free Ear Filters while working

INDUSTRIAL & WORKING AREAS - There is nothing more bothersome then having wood chips flying into your ears while you're finishing your masterpiece. Use Debris Free Ear Filters to prevent pieces of debris from entering your ears while not hampering your ability to listen to the machine while in operation.

Debris Free Ear Filter at the beach

BEACHES - Playing in the sand on the beach can be great family fun. Be sure to wear Debris Free Ear Filters to keep that sand out of your ears. Because the filters have tiny holes in them to enable you to hear what is going on around you. They are not recommended for swimming.

Debris Free Ear Filters in the outdoors

RECREATIONAL - Fun outdoors with your loved ones can be a great experience. Debris Free Ear Filters can help keep bugs from flying into your ears, and keep dust and dirt produced by recreational vehicles from getting into you ears, making sure your having the best time you can have.

Debris Free Ear Filters at the barber shop

BARBER SHOPS - While getting you hair cut and styled so you look your best wear Debris Free Ear Filters to keep those hair clipping out of your ears. And, since these ear filters won't keep you from hearing everything that is happening you can still stay in the conversation with your Barber or Stylist.

Debris Free Ear Filters doing yard work

LAWN MAINTENANCE - Doing work around the house usually means cutting the grass, edging and weed-whacking. Debris Free Ear Filters can prevent grass clipping and yard particles from flying into your ears without blocking your ability from hearing when it's dinner time.